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HIPAA Consulting Guide

HIPAA Compliance Training - How It's Done

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a law enacted by the federal government in 1996. The law was aimed at supporting the incremental reforms within the healthcare sector. Further revisions came in 2009 with the inclusion of the ARRA/HITECH Act. The Omnibus Rule was also added in 2013. The training program under HIPAA intends to transform the entire healthcare sector in the US. The training aims to achieve this by enhancing the security of the health information of the patient, improving the privacy of the patient's information, eliminating bureaucracy, simplifying administrative processes, and minimizing costs.


Presently, the focus of HIPAA training at this website is on enhancing the security and privacy of the health information of the patient. This is an online training program. It continues to be within the HIPAA compliance space for almost two decades now. All HPAA compliance products are available on this website. Ranges of services include certification of individuals, organizations, and training different members.


HIPAA training programs also have schedules for those interested in specializing in particular areas. Individuals, medium sized institutions and large organizations may from time to time require certain services related to HIPAA compliance. The program offers these services fast, in an easy way and at pocket-friendly charges to them. HIPAA training programs are necessary and a prerequisite for all those who work within the healthcare industry. They could be individuals or employees of organizations who access protected health information for patients.


Patient information that the government aims to protect includes; information gathered by health insurance companies, information in possession of healthcare providers, information recorded in healthcare clearing houses, information in the records of employer group health plans, and information collected and documented by business associates. The training gives trainees' enhanced competency in executing, designing, and administering total security and privacy schedules in all healthcare institutions. Most people will find this training essential for as long as they fall in the listed categories.   If you want to learn more about HIPAA compliance training, you can visit https://en.wikip


It helps learners comprehend the meaning of HIPAA, ways through which it influences organizations, important changes it exerts on policies, processes, and procedures. The changes always affect the way patient information in organizations is handled. HIPAA training helps trainees internalize federal laws and the definition they offer on important health information, incentives and usefulness of electronic health records. More lessons revolve around uses of social media, huge information and use of technology in the management of the security and privacy of patient information as well as the challenges that come with such management, go here for more info!